Occupational Health and Safety



With a strong importance of consultation an co-operation between Kruzer Recruitment & Labour Hire, Clients and Candidates for an effective implementation of policy that will in turn establish a healthy and safe integration into any workplace environment.

Our responsibility’s within Kruzer Recruitment & Labour Hire is clearly defined and assigned therefor methods of accountability are clearly established.

The responsibility for carrying out our policy objectives are clearly communicated and understood between our staff, clients and candidates. Kruzer Recruitment & Labour Hire’s policy on OH&S has been comprised from view’s of managers, supervisors, safety representatives, safety committees and standards that have all been taken into account and revised to implement one of the most informed and state of the art OH&S policy’s to date.

To stay a bump above the rest our policy is reviewed quarterly and regular contact and information sessions with clients and candidates to ensure the safest workplace environments in the country. At Kruzer Recruitment & Labour Hire we will provide extra in-house OH&S training to all of our candidates and in-house staff. As safety is our number 1 priority we believe excessive training and ongoing support will result in ultimate success and safety records.

Each candidate upon commencing employment will be trained and given our policy and informed that it will be a condition of their employment to achieve performance objectives and follow the guidelines of the policy. Through carrying out regular workplace inspections to ensure safety standards are kept determining safe practices, enforcing observations and developing procedures so we can deal with violations, general saftey and accident prevention. This makes our OH&S policy a step above the rest.

Cutting edge training techniques alongside with thorough ongoing support will be a strong aspect of our training systems. Key factors to be incorporated into our systems will be:

“Co-operation on the part of all parties is vital to the success of our Occupational Health and Saftey policy”

Kruzer Training will be comprised of various ongoing medias including 5y’s, Charts for improvements, jsa’s, take 5’s, time management flow charts, visual medias and verbal and practical examples. With ongoing support and refreshment courses we will make this course compulsory for all of our candidates.. Companies pay hundreds to hundreds of thousands for training systems far less superior to our system and we will be offering this free to our candidates to show our commitment to our valued clients.

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